Open Doors Educational Advocates

20 years of experience in
 Special Education
as Educators, Administrators
and Advocates in the Hudson Valley

Helping families navigate Special Education services

Every child deserves to achieve success in school.  For children with special needs, additional supports are necessary to "level the playing field" and help them to reach their potential.  Open Doors Educational Advocates are there to help families access the supports their children need.

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Our philosophy
Each child is unique, and has their own strengths and challenges when it comes to learning.  Open Doors believes that each child deserves the appropriate support and assistance so that he/she can reach their greatest potential.

Our commitment 
Open Doors Educational Advocates are committed to working with both families and school districts as a team, in an environment of cooperation, not animosity.  We work to ensure that teachers, administrators, service providers, and families have the same goal in mind--your child's educational success. 

Our experience
Our staff has over 20 years experience in the field of special education as teachers, counselors, and administrators.  We understand the system from the inside, so we know what students are entitled to and what school districts are able to provide.  We use this knowledge to create a positive relationship between families and the CSE.

The right supports for your child

Navigating the CSE process

Positive educational outcomes

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